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Premium Car Insurance Increased

In recent years, Dutch car owners have been able to benefit en masse from the premium war in the insurance world. This price battle now seems to have ended – thanks in part to the credit crisis. Nevertheless, people can still save enough on their car premium. With the same coverage, the most expensive car […]

July 26, 2019

Interest rate trend 2016: transfer loan and fix interest

Due to current low-interest rates, asking for money is becoming increasingly less expensive. As a result, I can offer new customers a competitive loan provide. But it also has advantages for current, or new, customers who wish to refinance their loan. Definitely in the case of a loan with an adjustable interest rate. Because if […]

July 24, 2019

Interest reflection time

Interest reflection period is a previously agreed period in which you can fix the mortgage interest free of charge against the interest then borrowed. The interest reflection period is usually at the end of your fixed-rate period, but it can also be determined at the start of your fixed-rate period. Interest reflection time afterwards In […]

June 12, 2019